Public Schools

Exciting news for the City as Northwood Local Schools consolidate into one new building hosting grades pre-k though 12. The new school plans to be fully functional by the Fall of 2017. The lower level of the building will be dedicated to the elementary school children, while the upper level for grades 7 through 12.

During the construction project, NHS, NES, and Olney will continue service as normal. Click here to see a map of how to navigate the schools during the construction.
Addition information can be found on the districts website → Northwood Local Schools

  • Northwood High School (grades 7-12), 700 Lemoyne Rd, Northwood (419-691-4651).
  • Northwood Elementary School (grades 3-6), 500 Lemoyne Rd, Northwood (419-691-4621).
  • The Olney Building (grades pre-k through 2), 512 Lemoyne Rd, Northwood (419-691-2601). 
Vocational Education
Advanced Education
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