All Saints Catholic Church 628 Lime City Rd, Rossford, OH
Faith Tabernacle Church of God 6100 Wales Rd, Northwood, OH
Foundation Stone Christian Church 4532 Woodville Rd, Northwood, OH
Gracepointe Church 4035 Williston Rd. Northwood, OH 
Harvest Tabernacle Church 430 E Florence Ave, Northwood, OH
Jehova Witness Hall 224 Lemoyne Rd, Northwood, OH
Northwood Church of God 1838 S Coy Rd, Northwood, OH
St. Jerome Catholic Church  300 Warner St, Walbridge, OH 
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church  729 White St, Toledo, OH 
Tabernacle of Deliverance Church 223 W Florence Ave, Northwood, OH
Trinity Grace Bretheran Church 4035 Williston Rd, Northwood, OH
Unity United Methodist Church 1910 East Broadway, Northwood, OH