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April 2017 Wood Soil and Water Conservation District Newsletter

Wood Soil and Water Conservation District Newsletter for April 2017.

Waterline Testing April 4th through April 7th 2017

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District will be doing some waterline testing April 4th through April 7th between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily to investigate a water main leak in the Toledo service area.  

This project requires the closing of multiple valves within the water distribution system to direct the water flow in a specific path to sense leaks within the system. In addition to closing the valves there will be significant water flushing on Oregon and Glenwood Roads. 

Pressure fluctuations may occur due to this work, but will subside upon completion of the work.  This activity may also cause the water within the system to discolor, but the water will be safe for consumption and will not require boiling.  

If your water becomes discolored you may run the water until it becomes clear.  If planning to do laundry during this period please confirm that the water is clear beforehand; otherwise, staining could occur. 

If you have any questions or concern, please contact the Northwestern Water and Sewer District at 419-354-9090 Extension 2.
Toledo Service Area


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Click here for TMACOG Big Picture News

City of Northwood's Updated Progress Report

Click on the link below to view the City of Northwood's Updated Progress Report for Economic Development Programs and Initiatives. 


Updated 3/1/2017

BIDS- Demolition of Commercial Buildings /Remedial Action Plan

Click on the links below to view the bidding documents to demolish three commercial buildings at the former Woodville Mall location, as well as the Remedial Action Plan prepared by The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.
Bidding Document 1
Addendum 1: Asbestos Report for Former Elder Beerman Store
Mall Bid Tabulation Sheet

Updated 3/1/2017 KA

Emphasis on City Parks and Recreation Programs

The City is currently updating our "Parks and Recreation Master Plan" to better meet the needs of Northwood residents and friends. Please take a moment to complete a brief survey by clicking here . Thank you for you participation in the efforts to better understand our parks and recreation needs!

The Wood Soil and Water Conservation District

Have questions on conservation, soil health, or how to maintain healthy watersheds? These are just a few topics the district works to educate the public on. To get more information visit The Wood Soil & Water Conservation District website . Click here to read the quarterly newsletter!

Reminders for snowfall

Reminders with winter weather approaching:

All streets in the City are considered snow streets, meaning if two inches of snow has fallen and there is prediction of further snowfall, cars parked on the roadway must be removed in order to facilitate the cleaning of the streets parked in violation may be removed at the order of Police Officials.

Snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours.

Please pay attention to the local news for updates on the weather, and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!


Wood County News Letter

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TMACOG Big Picture News

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YMCA Program for Seniors

Please review the attached flyer for programs for Seniors of the City of Northwood for the YMCA.
YMCA Flyer

Northwood Revitalization District

Northwood Revitalization District

Northwood Welcomes Buckeye Cablesystem and Telesystem Central Campus

Buckeye Cablesystem Letter