Open Space

Commercial Sites Available

The City of Northwood, Ohio has completed a new land-use master plan to cover future growth - residential, commercial and industrial.

Much of the commercial space in the City straddles Woodville Road (State Route 51) and Interstate-280.  The new land-use plan has established buffer strips between commercial and industrial areas, and residential sites.

Industrial zoned sections, light and heavy, are located for the most part in the southwest area of the City.

A privately owned industrial park, Wales Road Industrial Community Park, at the corner of Wales and Tracy Roads is home to a mix of high-tech, service, distribution and other types of businesses.

The City of Northwood, Ohio has designated the commercial area on Woodville Road, east and west of Iinterstate-280, as "The Woodville Road Strip".

Northwood, Ohio has entered into Joint Economic Development Zone agreements with the Cities of Rossford, Ohio and Oregon, Ohio to attract new commercial and industrial business.

Also, there is approximately 190 acres of light industrial zoned property on Oregon Road know as "Access Pointe".

The City has also established a Community Reinvestment Act area offering a real estate tax abatement up to ten years for eligible businesses.