Economic Development



Northwood has been ranked as one of the most affordable places to live in Ohio with the Home Value to Income Ratio of 1.338. The average in Ohio is listed at 2.045 and the median at 2.016.The median value of owner occupied homes in Northwood is $104,400 and the median family income is $78,047. 

2014 Housing and Income Report 

The value to income ratio looks at the total value of a home relative to median annual incomes. According to Forbes, the typical median home in the U.S. cost 2.6 times as much as the median annual income (so if the median income in an area was $100,000, the median price of a home would typically be about $260,000: $100,000 *2.6). With Northwood coming in at 1.338, we are a great place to live and invest in!

Access By Road

Located virtually at the crossroads of North America's most accessible highways, Northwood, Ohio is at the center of it all.  From Canada to Florida Interstate-75 connects the north and south.  Interstate 80/90 bisects I-75 five miles south of Northwood providing direct links between Northwest Ohio and the east and west coasts.

Northwood, Ohio is located within the Toledo Metropolitan Commercial Truck Zone.  Because of this, access to the services of some 100 truck lines as well as air freight and United Parcel Services is accessible.

Access By Rail

Situated in the nation's third largest rail center Northwood, Ohio sits at the crossroads of Midwest rail systems. Major lines from CSX and Norfolk Southern radiate outward in all directions providing easily accessible and cost-effective rail service throughout the U.S.  Many local businesses have railroad sidings running directly to their door.

Access By Air

Toledo Express Airport, only 20 minutes away, is a hub site for Burlington Air Express one of North America's leading international air freight carriers.  Other nearby airports include Cleveland Hopkins to the east and Detroit Metro to the north.  Just three miles south of Northwood, Ohio is Metcalf Field with lighted, paved runways for private and corporate aircraft.

Access By Sea

Linked to maritime ports throughout the world by the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, Northwood, Ohio is served by the Port of Toledo, Ohio.  Located on the Maumee River at the western end of Lake Erie, the Port of Toledo is among the leaders in international tonnage handled through the U.S. Great Lakes.  This means Northwood can provide local access to one of the most diversified cargo ports in the Great Lakes seaway system.  Lake Erie, via the Maumee River, also provides an important source of raw water for industrial users.

Total Access

In addition to its accessibility to the nation's best transportation network, Northwood, Ohio is centered in an area that offers exceptional educational, technological and cultural resources.  Education, training and job training options to match the needs of any industry abound.  Immediately adjacent to Northwood is Owens Community College which specializes in technical education, training and workplace literacy programs.  At least 25 other colleges and universities are within a one hour drive, including the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, the Medical College of Ohio and the University of Michigan.

A city-wide Comprehensive Master Plan guides Northwood, Ohio's Zoning, Land-Use, Master Street and Utility Plan to help developers both residential and industrial see where they fit into the community.  The plan makes it possible for all types of zoning to co-exist in peace complementing one another and assisting the city's orderly, progressive growth into the 21st Century

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